Friday, June 26, 2009

In memory of these shoes....

Yesterday, two icons from my childhood passed away.
I'll never forget running around the house pretending to be one of Charlie's Angels. My brother played the part of Bosley. (Yeah, he'd kill me if he knew I told.)
I'll also never forget when my mom won floor seats to a Michael Jackson concert. I wasn't a big fan of his, nor have I ever been, but she made me go with her. As it turned out, I was glad she did. That guy really knew how to put on a show.
My thoughts and prayers go out to both of their families.
On another note, the house across the street finally sold. It's been on the market for three years now. Back then, the housing market in my area was booming. Yet, the house didn't sell. Now, the housing market in my area is almost at a standstill, and it sells. Go figure!
It gives me hope. Despite the state of the publishing industry, all of us writers trying to get published have a chance. If the house across the street from me can sell in this market, perhaps our books can too!
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MeganRebekah said...

Right now, I would take either my house or my book selling!

Lillian Robinson said...

Thank you for putting Farrah first. I was a Jacko fan before he got strange. I grew up with him. He was a great talent, but I think people have forgotten why he left the limelight in the US. And poor Farrah doesn't get but a minute of airtime. She was a gentle soul.

Amber Lynae said...

Nice post. I do believe we all have a chance to be published if we are willing to work and have patience and dedication.

Danyelle L. said...

I love the way you compared publishing with the house. Very true!

Susan R. Mills said...

Good luck on both fronts then!

I purposely put Farrah first. It bothered me yesterday when it was all about Michael Jackson. I was told, though, that it was because her death wasn't a shock, but his was. In my opinion, who cares! She deserves just as much attention.

Amber Lynae,
Ah yes, patience and dedication and then more patience and dedication. We'll get there!

Yeah, I thought that house would never sell. And it finally did. So I immediately thought of my book. Let's hope we all see success one day!

Patti said...

I need to get mine completely done before I can put it on the market.

Susan R. Mills said...

Your house or your book???? Both of mine could use a little work!