Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vacation Time!

Well, sort of... We aren't going to the beach as this picture suggests. And it's not really a vacation. We're only going to Omaha for my eleven-year-old's baseball tournament. But my kids think it's a vacation--we are staying in a hotel, and the hotel does have a swimming pool. I think of it more as three days in the sweltering heat listening to umps yell things like: "STRIKE ONE!" or "HE'S OUT A THERE!" and of course the occasional "COME ON UMP! GET SOME GLASSES!" from the coaches. Fun times, fun times! I am also hoping to hear the crack of my son's bat against the ball and to watch that ball go over the fence. Okay, I'd settle for a line drive right in the hole. You see, he's been in somewhat of a hitting slump. But I admire him, though. He keeps his chin up and never gives up! That's how I want to be. Another lesson learned from my children. Wish Cameron (or Cam as he likes to be called now) luck. I think he has a shot. The name of the tournament is The Omaha Slumpbuster, after all. Let's hope it lives up to it's name!


Deb said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy your vacation!

Here's an old cheer for Cam:

Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Royal Crown
We're gonna hypnotize 'em, paralyze 'em,
Knock 'em down! Goooooooo Cam!

Good Luck!!!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Good luck Cam!

Have a great time!

Patti said...

Good luck. I love going to watch my kids play sports..

Susan R. Mills said...

Thanks for all the well wishes! He did great!