Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Decisions! Decisions!

So many to choose from...
I finally realized what's holding me up on my writing. It's called INDECISION! And I'm not talking about deciding whether to wear the mother/wife shoes or the writer shoes. I'm talking about deciding which writer shoes to wear.
Do I wear the editor shoes and work on improving my completed manuscript?
Do I wear the research shoes and find the information I need to continue working on WIP #1?
Or, do I wear the creator shoes and just let my words flow on WIP #2?
Here's the dilemma:
With a little revision, my completed manuscript would be ready for querying again, and since it's complete, of the three projects, it is the closest to coming to fruition. But I have been working on it for so long, I am feeling the need to step away from it for a while.
I am very excited about WIP #1, but I'm not in the mood for doing the research needed to continue working on it. It is also the sequel to my completed manuscript. If the completed manuscript never sells, it will be pretty much impossible to sell the sequel, don't you think? Working on WIP #1 could potentially be a waste of time. (I'm not being negative, just realistic.)
WIP #2 is a stand alone novel, which would not be affected by the sell (or lack thereof) of the completed manuscript, but it is the farthest from completion, and I guess I'm being impatient because I really want to see one of my books in print. The sooner the better!
Here are my options:
Plan A: Put WIP #1 and #2 on hold and work on improving the completed manuscript until it is as good as it can be. Then start querying again. (quickest route to possible publication)
Plan B: Put completed manuscript and WIP #2 aside and buckle up and do the dreaded research. And, of course, hope completed manuscript does eventually sell. (potential waste of time)
Plan C: Put completed manuscript and WIP #1 on the back burner and let my creative juices flow! Who cares if it takes another five years for possible publication? (most conducive to getting some actual writing done)
What's your vote? Or do you have a suggestion for a Plan D?


Katie Salidas said...

My small opinion is this. Publishing is a slow process. Writing is a slow process. Don't be in a hurry.

With that said, if your muse is working, I'd say let it run wild and write what comes to mind. You never know when your muse will go on vacation, leaving you staring at a blank screen/paper. ;p

MeganRebekah said...

Which one do you love the most? Just because you have a completed novel doesn't mean it will be your best shot at landing a deal. Work on the project that has your heart. The passion will shine through.

Deb said...

I'm trying to make a similar decision right now. Stepping away from a lagging project usually works for me when I've lost my objectivity. When I go back I can view it with a new perspective - on the other hand I have this real need for completion...

Maybe set aside writing/research time for each project over the next few days and see which one takes off. Luck!

Susan R. Mills said...

You are right about the muse. Sometimes my head tries to argue with him, though!

My heart is definitely in WIP #2. But my head not only tries to argue with the muse, but it also tries to argue with my heart!

Strange Fiction,
I also have the need for completion. That's half of the problem here. (Again, head arguing with everyone else!) Maybe I need to let go of the completion factor.

Lillian Robinson said...

Hmmm... It ate my comment! I'll try again.

I learned today from that other blog that you should set it aside and work on something else a bit. Then come back to it later to edit some more. But I would probably do it differently... Am I impossible?

Thanks for visiting my blog & following me. I am following you too and cheering you on. I hope to learn from you since you are far ahead of me. I guess I need to do some shoe shopping!

Amber Lynae said...

You definitely need follow where your muse and heart are leading you. Your writing will lack if your not into it.

Susan R. Mills said...

Thanks for joining my blog. We can learn from each other!

You are so right! I'm going to try it out today.

Patti said...

You are in exactly the same situation as me. I've been working on the completed manuscript for so long trying to get it perfect. I also have a book 2 of completed manuscript and a WIP that's totally unrelated. And one more that's totally outside my genre and just for fun.

I'm bad at working on several things at once. I feel I need completion but I'm getting tired of the same book.

Ugh, what to do???

Susan R. Mills said...

This must be a dilemma many writers face. There seems to be a concensus here to go with what you feel like writing. It's hard to leave the loose ends on the other projects hanging, but maybe it's the best way to move forward. Ugh is right!