Monday, March 18, 2019

My Dream Home

When I'm lost in my characters' world, this is where I live. It's a world I have created, and the outside world is far off in the distance. It's easy to get comfortable in this house and never come out. Sometimes I have to force myself out the door and into the bright light of my real life.

Before I took my absurdly long break from writing seven years ago, I spent way more time in my fictional world than I did in my real world. This proved costly to both worlds. My writing suffered because I lacked real life experiences. And my everyday life suffered because I was never fully present. Part of me was always back in that shoe house.

I have learned that balancing both worlds is of utmost importance. When it comes right down to it, the worlds we create come from ideas we've discovered in the real world. The fictional world cannot exist without our real world experiences. I believe that one of the biggest favors any writer can do for themselves is to put the pen down, or in this day and age, close the laptop, and get out there and live. That shoe house will still be there when you get back, and it will be a much better place because of what you bring back with you.

Have you ever been too caught up in your fictional world that you forget to live the real life you've been given?


DUTA said...

"balancing both worlds..." -sounds good to me.
I think 'balance' ,in general, is the very key to a good life.

Susan R. Mills said...

Yes, I agree, DUTA! Balance is so important.

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