Monday, March 11, 2019

A Season For Everything

I, for one, am ready for this season to pass. I love you, Winter. I really do. But you've outstayed you're welcome. Someone bring on the flipflops!

This is how I felt about my writing life at the end of 2018. Obviously, I didn't blog for seven years, but you know what else I didn't do for seven years? Write. I mean, I dabbled a little here and there, and I spent some time on revisions and editing, but I did not write. I missed it terribly, but just as with the weather, there is a season for everything.

I was meant to be doing something else for those seven years, and I have no regrets because they were important things. And just like Winter, I loved every second of those seven years. But Spring has arrived! I started writing again several weeks ago, and it feels like sunshine. I didn't realize how much I had missed it. I'm sure there will be more winters in my future, but for right now, I'm basking in the sun.

Has your writing every come to a standstill because you were called to do something else?


DUTA said...

It's great you have resumed writing. Good Luck with it!

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