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Monday, November 28, 2011

These Shoes Are UNTRACEABLE!

They are also the shoes of Grace Wells, the main character in UNTRACEABLE by S.R. Johannes. (Scheduled for release tomorrow.) I'm thrilled to have Ms. Johannes here with us today. And what, you may ask, is she going to talk about? Well, shoes of course. So let's get started. (I apologize in advance for the the formatting. I can't get it to all stop jumbling together.) You make several references to shoes in UNTRACEABLE. Dr. Head wears Vans. Wyn wears Converse. Les wears worn out, old boots. What do these shoes say about the characters? I never understood Vans – they seem like an ugly slipper. I would say it’s retro relaxed with a slight nod to fashion. I see Dr. Head as a man from the 60s – the hair and the horn rimmed glasses. Wyn wears tan converse. He’s a little more fashionable than most people in his town - though he pretends not to be. I think Wyn doesn’t belong there in that town anymore. He’s the guy who has bigger dreams than to live in a small town. His converse imply he has a fashion sense yet they are not that reliable or durable. They are a little soft and don’t have much function. This is the total opposite of Grace. Yet Converse have a classic style and are very comfortable and casual. That is Wyn. 2. As for Grace, you only mention her boots. In one scene, she chooses to wear her "best" boots to impress Mo. I'm dying to know, though, what shoes would Grace wear with her vintage Sesame Street t-shirts (if she's not out in the woods)? What would she wear if, God forbid, she ever had to go to a formal event such as prom? Or a wedding? And what do Grace’s shoe choices say about her? Grace is practical not fashionable. Her hiking shoes are all about dependability, reliability, and comfort. Yet they are about adventure and nature. I think that says a lot about her. If it were summer – she would probably be in Keens – part sandal, part outdoor, part hiking. Grace wouldn’t go to prom – especially not a in a dress. But if she did – she would be in converse and somehow make it go with her dress. Since she is only 16, I’m sure her tastes would change. But I could see her wearing cowboy boots under her wedding dress. Even if they are white. Grace is practical not fashionable. Her hiking shoes are all about dependability, reliability, and comfort. Yet they are about adventure and nature. 3. Okay, we've talked about Grace's shoes. Now let's talk about your shoes. Take us on a little walk in your shoes. How good does it feel to finally see your book in print? How long of a journey has this been for you? What have been the highs? The lows? Any advice for all the aspiring authors out there? For the last 8 years – I’ve been trying to get published. I’ve had 4 books go to acquisitions. Two of those - a MG and Nonfiction book – went before I got an agent. After I signed with a top agent and a top NY agency, I had 2 more books go to acquisitions – a tween paranormal and this YA thriller – Untraceable. Last spring, at some point early in the submission process of Untraceable, after only a few rejections, my agent felt I should shelf my book after the first round. Most books get about 3 rounds and I was determined not to give up on Untraceable. After some back and forths - we decided to part ways so I could get a fresh perspective on my writing and the Book. I believed in this book that much. Over the next couple of months, I queried a handful of my top agents to see if they would pick up Untraceable for a couple more rounds. Unfortunately, since the book had already been seen a handful of editors – even thought it had gone to acquisitions at one house– no one wanted to touch the book. They were all more interested in my WIP that was still in its first draft and at least 6 months away from being complete. During that whole time, my anxiety and frustration mounted. I knew in my heart I was good enough and that Untraceable was good enough. But I could not convince anyone to stand by me. I had been working on this book for so long that after much thinking – I decided Grace deserved to go out into the world. Even if I had to put her out there myself. She had no future in traditional publishing due to everything that happened. I just figured I would use all my marketing skills to put out a product I was proud of in my own way. It wasn’t an easy decision – I wanted en editor so bad, I wanted a publishing house behind me. But that was not in the cards for Untraceable or me at the time. And to be honest, I was tired of someone else being responsible for my dream. It was time I take charge. But I will say – indie pubbing is not the easy way out. It is a long uphill battle and you have to be prepared to do it the right way with little reward. Untraceble was in my heart and I needed to put it out there. I’d work hard for 8 years, been patient, and almost made it – this was the only path for me at this point.
Summary: (from goodreads) 16 year old Grace was reared in the wilderness. Her first pet was a bear named Simon. Her first potty, an oak tree. And, her first swing, a forest vine. Grace has lived in the Smokies all her life, patrolling with her forest ranger father who taught her everything he knew about wildlife, tracking, and wilderness survival. When Grace's dad goes missing on a routine patrol, unlike everyone in her sleepy mountain town, she refuses to believe he’s dead. After finding a Cheetos bag and stolen government file, Grace is convinced she’s one step closer to proving all the non-believers wrong. One day, while out tracking clues, Grace is rescued from imminent danger by Mo, a hot guy who has an intoxicating accent and a secret. Grace has never felt a connection like this before, certainly not with her ex-boyfriend, the adoring, but decidedly unrugged, Wyn. After a few run-ins with the town's police chief, her father's partner, and some new evidence, Grace travels deeper into the wilderness that has always been her refuge only to learn that her father's disappearance is not a mere coincidence. Soon she’s enmeshed in a web of conspiracy, deception, and murder. And it’s going to take a lot more than a compass and a motorcycle (named Lucifer) for this kick-butting heroine to emerge from an epidemic that’s spreading like wild fire, threatening everything and everyone she’s ever loved. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, it is. I fell in love with the characters and the plot. Johannes does an excellent job of bringing the setting to life. It has so much to offer--romance, adventure, emotional trials. Just read it already! You'll see what I mean.


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Your formatting runs together, mine is leaving gaping white areas. *shakes fist at Blogger*
However, I read the interview and love the character-by-shoes description and Shelli's belief in her story. Inspiring and wonderful. Thank you both!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yay, Shelli! Hey, everyone, Untraceable is totally awesome! READ IT!! :-)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow, totally adding this book to my TBR pile!! Sounds really unique. :-)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

The book is on my TBR list. I've just got to get through a bunch of books from my TBR pile before I can add anymore to it. :(

Great interview!

Christina Lee said...

Hi there Shelli and Susan *waves*!! Shelli, I'll definitely be buying and reading your book. CONGRATS on all of your hard work--the cover is lovely!

Dawn Simon said...

Your book sounds great, and I think the cover is really cool! Congrats, Shelli!

Patti said...

Another book to be added to my TBB (to be bought) list. Thanks for the interview.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

Hi guys - just stopped in to say hello *waves*

I say move those "other boosk aside" and move Untraceable up on your TBR - (I know that was so mean of me to say :)

Thanks for having me here!

Oh and Grace's shoes are much much dirtier than that :)

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Susan, I love the way you started out the interview focusing on the shoes! Ha, ha!

It sounds like a most intriguing read. I'll definitely have to check into it. And good for you, author S.R. Johannes--not giving up and believing in your book enough to make your dream a reality. I wish you great success!